• MP4Box 0.5.1-r5210
  • x265 0.9.68 (x64)
  • FFmpeg 2.2.1
  • Fixed AviSynth script file (.avs) decoding breakage


  • Fixed VP9 encoding breakage
  • Updated x264 r2409
  • Updated x265 0.8.195


  • Updated x265 0.8.90
  • Updated FFmpeg 2.1.4
  • Updated QAAC 2.35


  • Fixed audio decoder blocking prompt in H.265 encoding with SVE enabled
  • Fixed x265 custom preset option not working bug
  • Changed x265 open-gop option to disabled by default to avoid seeking issue in MP4 container
  • Updated x265-0.7.232 (x64)


  • Fixed H.265/HEVC compatibility issue with Segmental Video Encoding (MP4 containier only)
  • Updated MP4Box 0.5.1-r5080


  • Added experimental H.265/HEVC encoding
  • Added x265 0.7+183
  • Added MKVMerge with HEVC patch


  • Fixed duplicated audio stream bug in 2-pass mode
  • Fixed FFmpeg MPEG-TS multiplexing issue
  • Fixed command line bug of FFmpeg CBR encoding
  • Fixed TSMuxer dual audio stream multiplexing issue


  • Updated QAAC 2.32
  • Added tools64 directory for placing 64-bit tools
  • Updated MP4Box 0.5.1 (x86)


  • Added VP9 encoding support
  • Removed some outdated video formats
  • Faster seeking with FFmpeg as video source
  • Fixed bitrate calculation inaccurate issue when specifying target file size
  • Optimized video pre-processing parameters for GPU encoding
  • Updated MKV Toolnix 6.6.0
  • Updated MP4Box 0.5.1 (x64)
  • Updated Opus tools 0.1.8
  • Updated VPXEnc 1.3.0


  • Fixed the bug of keeping intermediate files option
  • Updated QAAC 2.26
  • Updated MediaInfo 0.7.65
  • Updated FFmpeg 2.1.1


  • Updated x264 r2377 (komisar)
  • Updated FFmpeg 2.1
  • Fixed FFmpeg muxing raw H.264 bug


  • Fixed dual audio stream copy issue
  • Updated FFmpeg 2.0.1


  • Fixed multi-pass encoding failure in the 2nd pass with very large files
  • Fixed auto-level video filter issue when video height undividable by 8
  • Fixed H.264 stream copy issue
  • Updated x264 r2359
  • Updated FFmpeg git-d1a1656


  • Added VOB as container option
  • Fixed audio copy or video copy issue with VOB/MPEG2 files
  • Fixed some encoding issues due to FFmpeg command line changes
  • Fixed tsMuxer muxing issue with AAC audio
  • Fixed FFmpeg muxing issue with H.264 video
  • Updated FFmpeg git-547d690


  • Fixed a rare audio/video desync issue
  • Fixed a rare MEncoder decoding blocking issue
  • Fixed audio normalization breakage in 5550


  • Re-implemented splitting function (by time or by number of segments)
  • Fixed ALAC encoding issue with QAAC
  • Updated QAAC 2.19


  • Using FFmpeg as default video source for MKV and TS files
  • Fixed FFmpeg video source A/V issue in some rare cases
  • Fixed FFmpeg video source blocking issue
  • Updated Intel GPU Encoder with Intel Media SDK 2013-R2
  • Updated x264 r2348
  • Updated FFmpeg git-38b701a
  • Updated MediaInfo 0.7.64


  • Updated FLAC 1.3
  • Added FFVideoSource option for AviSynth
  • Fixed A/V sync issue of AviSynth source for some files
  • Fixed AviSynth decoding block issue
  • Fixed a bug which may cause interlacing identified as progressive


  • Fixed 2-pass & 3-pass encoding breakage in previous build
  • Improved calling sequence and controlling of decoders and encoders for better stability
  • Automatically turning off SVE for short video
  • Fixed decoding problem of some AVI and WMV files
  • Use same instance of FFmpeg for decoding video and audio streams
  • Fixed video source automatic fallback (trying different video sources)
  • Added audio source automatic fallback (trying different audio sources)


  • Fixed 1080i video green band issue
  • Fixed issues of converting video to image sequence and generating thumbnails
  • Minor tweak-up in SVE
  • Added the option for keeping intermediate files on error
  • No longer using the buggy MPlayer GUI for playback
  • Updated VP8 encoder (vpxenc) 1.1.0
  • Updated MPlayer/MEncoder r36305


  • Fixed a bug in SVE which may cause freezing at the end of encoding
  • Fixed cropper UI freezing bug
  • Added converting video/image to C array code


  • Fixed a bug in audio processing (when end position is set)
  • SVE (Segmental Video Encoding) now compatible with multi-pass encoding (including multi-pass CRF)
  • Fixed SVE issue with Xvid video in MP4 container
  • Fixed some minor bugs of SVE


  • New Segmental Video Encoding (SVE) for parallelizing and accelerating video encoding
  • Added SVE tab for viewing the SVE algorithm statistics (displays when SVE enabled)
  • Fixed distributive encoding breakage
  • Distributive mode supporting H.264 and VP8 encoding
  • Improved the sizing strategy of the Adaptive Transcoding Cache
  • Updated MediaCoder Agent (x64 version available)
  • Fixed quality option not adjustable in multi-pass CRF mode
  • Updated x264 r2334


  • Fixed x264 bit-depth version mismatch in previous x64 builds (this causes error #14)
  • Included missing DLL for Opus encoder


  • Adjusted “Sound” tab layout
  • Fixed AviSynth audio source breakage
  • Fixed bitstream scanning blocking issue for some defective files
  • Updated Opus audio codec (libopus 1.1)
  • Replaced qtaacenc with qaac (another actively maintained CLI for Apple’s AAC encoding engine)
  • Updated MediaInfo 0.7.63


  • Auto adjusting resolution to perform display aspect ratio conversion with cropping and expanding
  • Fixed decoding issue of 1920×1088 video (mostly 1080i MBAFF)
  • Fixed a cuesheet file parsing bug
  • Added OpenCL device ID option (in advanced settings)
  • Fixed a CDDA issue
  • Updated x264 r2310


  • Added OpenCL detection and OpenCL option for x264
  • Added raw image sequence output
  • Improved image decoding performance
  • Added “Auto” in denoiser option (automatically enabling denoiser when necessary)
  • Added encoding frame display via serial port
  • Updated x264 r2309 (OpenCL enabled)
  • Updated MPlayer & MEncoder svn-r36169 (built with FFmpeg 1.2.0)
  • Updated MKV Toolnix 6.2.0


  • Fixed media analyzing procedure blocking issue
  • Fixed UI bug of AviSynth option tab
  • Fixed green band issue when ripping BD with target resolution unset
  • Fixed audio not completely processed bug when end position set for DVD/BD transcoding
  • Updated MPlayer/Mencoder svn-r36092
  • Updated FFmpeg 1.2
  • Updated MediaInfo 0.7.62


  • Excluding UI related parameters in exported preset file
  • Some minor fixups


  • Fixed out-of-sync issue for some RMVB video
  • Fixed QT AAC encoder VBR parameter bug
  • Fine tuned temporal denoiser parameters
  • Improved application icon for Windows 8
  • Updated x264 (r2273)
  • Updated FFmpeg 1.1.3
  • Updated MPUI (for playing output files)


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