MediaCoder Premium FAQ


How does the Internet licence work?

MediaCoder Premium validates the licence automatically on program start-up and releases it on program shutdown. You need to allow the program to access Internet when it is running (sometimes manually unblocking from Internet security software is required). Please also avoid turning off your computer before closing the software.


Why is my licence locked up sometimes?

In some cases, for example, your computer encounters unexpected powering off before the software shutting down normally, the licence may be locked up on next start-up and will be automatically released after up to 30 minutes.


How to avoid licence lock-up issue?

When the software stops responding in some cases, please try to close the main window instead of killing its process with system’s process manger.


Does the licence work on multiple computers?

Your licence is not bound with any hardware characteristics. You can use it on any computers with an Internet access. Only limited number of simultaneous instance is allowed though depending on the number of license you purchased.


Can I upgrade to USB key licence?

You can upgrade to USB key license, which does not require Internet access for authentication and use, by paying the price difference at anytime. Please send an email to for requesting the upgrade.