Happy Chinese New Year!祝大家新春快乐! (Stanley posted on February 14th, 2010 )

The Chinese new year of tiger has just arrived. Happy new year to all the fellow Chinese all around the world. On this very first moment in the Chinese new year, and rare to see, the valentines day on the same day, MediaCoder 0.7.3 is released. The splash screen was modified a bit with a pattern of tiger in paper-cut art on it. Comparing to the formal, lots of changes have been made. Give it a shot and don't forget to give us your feedbacks. 新年到了,恭祝各位MediaCoder的新老用户和朋友们新春快乐,事事顺心。在这新年的第一时间,献上MediaCoder虎年第一版-。相比上一版本0.7.2.4582,新版本在很多细节上有所改进,期待各位给予宝贵的反馈。
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  1. ngzhang says:

    您好,请问CUDA H.264压缩引擎的“固定质量模式”中,质量的数值选择是否实际上无效?无论如何调节该值,压缩出来的码率均无变化。软件版本是4598

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