Some video tutorials of MediaCoder on YouTube (Stanley posted on March 11th, 2008 )

I found these tutorials on YouTube by a random search. Some seems weel-done and useful. Thanks to the makers of these videos.

video MediaCoder Tutorial video Tutorial - MediaCoder

video Rip Audio Off of YT Vids--MediaCoder Settings

video Convert Any Video To an MP4 With Media Coder

video mediacoder


video Help for Mediacoder version 0.6.0 users


video Tutorial MediaCoder (Português)


video The Best Video Converter ever


video How to compress the file after recording with the Gamebridge


video How convert yor movies to mp4 format

video How to convert DVD's to Mpeg4 for ipod

video Convert Multiple Videos to Many Formats. Free. Quick. Easy.

video Conversion for some Rockchip PMP Player

video Rip Audio From Videos- MP3 Ripping video Rip Audio Off of Youtube Videos

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  1. name says:

    It looks like someone spammed this page, please clean it up, I don’t have the patience to create an account to fix it, you may want to make more restrictions so people don’t do this in the future, thanks:

  2. stanley says:

    Oh damn. I hate those spammers to death!

  3. anonymous says:

    thanks for removing the spam on that page.

    thanks for media coder, it is very nice. thanks for the pages mentioning linux and taking the time to do those too.

    while media coder works under wine in linux, it would be nice for a native linux application, have you considered porting it? i’m sure your name would be well known and loved if you would do this. thank you

  4. TT says:

    I need “CHINESE”…