MediaCoder x64 version full installer releasedMediaCoder 64位安装版发布 (Stanley posted on September 24th, 2009 )

MediaCoder x64 version full installer is released. Now it’s no longer necessary to upgrade a 32-bit installation to 64-bit with the MediaCoder x64 updater. In the x64 version, besides MediaCoder itself is a native 64-bit application, the following components are in native 64-bit form:
  • x264
  • CUDA H.264 encoder
  • xvidcore
  • Theora encoder
  • Windows Media encoder CLI
  • JM H.264 decoder
  • LAME
  • OggEnc
  • MusePack
  • WavPack
  • Monkey’s Audio
  • SDL
MediaCoder 64位安装版已经发布,这个版本的发布免去了必须使用64位更新包更新32位版本的不便。在64位版中,MediaCoder本身是一个纯64位程序。 MediaCoder调用的编码器等组件,有一部分是纯64位版,另外一部分仍然是32位版,这主要是考虑到稳定性因素。以下组件为64位版:
  • x264
  • CUDA H.264编码器
  • xvidcore
  • Theora编码器
  • WMV编码程序
  • JM H.264解码器
  • LAME
  • OggEnc
  • MusePack
  • WavPack
  • Monkey's Audio
  • SDL
  • MPlayer/MEncoder (64位版不稳定)
  • FFmpeg (64位版不稳定)
  • AviSynth and plugins (无64位版)
  • FAAC (64位版易出错)
  • 一些非开源的编码器(无64位版)
还有一部分对性能影响不大的组件也保留了32位版本。 MediaCoder 64位版本可以在此下载The following components are still in 32-bit form for some reasons. They can be used by MediaCoder x64 version without any problem.
  • MPlayer/MEncoder (unstable)
  • FFmpeg (unstable)
  • AviSynth and plugins (N/A)
  • FAAC (occasional crashing)
  • Several closed-source encoders (N/A)
The rest 32-bit components (muxers and parsers) are mostly not performance critical parts. MediaCoder x64 version full installer can be downloaded here.
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7 Responses

  1. Hans-Jürgen Koch says:

    want to convert m2ts/avc to h.264

  2. AKA says:

    How CAN I DOWNLOAD it ??

  3. Stanley says:

    不明白64 的比32 位的快么。怎么看系统是64位还是32位啊

  4. Cpt.Guapo says:

    Ah…now it’s pretty good! I’ve waited for centuries for x64 pack. Downloading…

  5. binger says:

    mencoder crashes very often. 🙁