MediaCoder 0.7.2 releasedMediaCoder 0.7.2发布 (Stanley posted on September 7th, 2009 )

We are pleased to anounce the release of MediaCoder 0.7.2. In the new version, there are improvements and new features just like before. Here is a brief description of the changes:

  • AviSynth is better supported. MediaCoder will now generate more exhaustive AVS script, to apply necessary video and audio filtering. Additional script lines can be applied by means of script template (a script with specific variables substitute, a more detailed document will be published later)
  • MediaCoder will choose AviSynth as video source to decode in higher priority when there is necessary splitters and decoders installed in the system.
  • Automatically loading AviSynth plugins when available
  • Ability to use AviSynth in MediaCoder x64 version
  • Supporting various subtitles by means of AviSynth’s TextSub and VobSub
  • CUDA H.264 encoder updated
  • Sync x264 options with the latest x264 build
  • Some minor bugs fixed

The new version can be downloaded from our download page.

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  1. Bill Boyer says:

    What are the differences in downloading Mirror #1, #2 or #3 from update?

  2. stanley says:

    In normal cases, there is no difference with different mirrors.
    Update is used to quickly upgrade an current installation of MediaCoder to a newer version. This might not work in some cases.

  3. danny says:

    I need to change flac to wav. Does ver. 0.7.2
    do this? I goto the download page and i get ver. 0.6.

  4. toast says:

    How much faster does MediaCoder encode a video using the GPU rather than the CPU?

    Is there anything that needs to be set up, or does MC automatically detect a compatible Nvidia card and will encode via the GPU?

  5. stanley says:

    There is a benchmark article on this blog.

  6. Juan carlos says:

    I have trouble changing MPG4 to AVI, cause AVI IS NOT INCLUDED IN video-format, so when I try, the job is done automatically and it appears a new file in output folder called ” unknown artist”. How could fix that? thanks

  7. aihsh says:

    could you add a time stretching feature in this software please? thats the only major thing missing!

  8. hugo says:

    Hi all,

    Will ATI’s Stream technology be supported soon? (as nVidia’s CUDA is)

  9. Redneck says:

    Bug with aspect ratio in MP4 and MKV muxing still presents. We’re waiting for fix…

  10. mc2w says:

    I must say, this is the only free software I could find that converted FLAC to mp3 (for my zune) without cutting off chunks of songs at the beginning or ends of the songs (which is useful for a cd like Jungle Sound Gold).

    I will definately be donating as soon as I get the chance.