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MediaCoder iPhone Edition Benchmarks (Intel MSDK vs x264) (Stanley posted on April 7th, 2012 )

Today I performed a benchmarking test with MediaCoder iPhone Edition which has got improved support for Intel MSDK recently, by transcoding the same 720p H.264 MKV file to a MP4 file of iPhone 4 profile. In order to obtain transcoded videos with near visual quality, x264 was set to fast preset and Intel MSDK encoder was set to balanced mode. The difference in transcoding speed and CPU utilization is significant. With x264, the CPU utilization is near 100% and the overall transcoding speed is approximately 3.4x (versus playback speed). When using Intel MSDK encoder, with computation off-loaded to CPU built-in GPU, the CPU utilization is near 50% and the overall speed is about 7.9x, which is 2.3 times of that of x264.

New benchmark mode added (Stanley posted on November 7th, 2008 )

A new task mode, benchmark mode, has been added since build 4210. In this mode, MediaCoder can be used to benchmark your hardware with media transcoding based on the your transcoding settings. During the process, the media content will be transcoded as in normal mode. The difference is there is no file created on hard drive and a benchmark result will be shown on the end of the procedure. The steps to perform transcoding benchmark are as simple as following:
  1. Add files used for benchmarking
  2. Set up transcoding parameters
  3. Set task mode to "Benchmark"
  4. Click Start button to start benchmarking
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Transcoding benchmarking added in MediaCoder (Stanley posted on September 25th, 2007 )

The benchmarking feature for transcoding is added. The information will be displayed after the transcoding of a file completes in the Properties side bar. Read the rest of this entry >>