About the next version of MediaCoder (Stanley posted on November 17th, 2007 )

As you may know, the version number of 0.6.0 has been kept for nearly one year’s time though MediaCoder has been improved consistently during this period of time. I admit that I am quite conservative on the increase of version number of MediaCoder. Anyway after one year, I finally decided to increase the version number soon. Once a most stable 0.6.0 is released, let’s leave 0.6.0 in its best condition and steps towards 0.7.0.

Here I list some of my thoughts about the major new features of the next version:

  • Adding batch image conversion/processing feature (base on ImageMagick)
  • Implementing multi-segment simultaneous transcoding (this will optimize speed for multi-core processors even if the encoder doesn’t support multi-threading and no doubt 4-core will have a significant speed-up)
  • Implementing multi-computer transcoding / transcoding farm (will adopt controller/agent mode, agent will run on Linux natively).
  • x64 version
  • Fully XUL-based user interface (the classic user interface will be kept of course)
  • New graphics

Of course these new features won’t come suddenly in a release. They will be implemented gradually. If you have suggestions, please just tell me.

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  1. Vincent says:

    I really like your program. It’s very usefull, especially to convert those rm and rmvb files into more compatible formats.
    I have a suggestion about a new feature, that would make your program the ultimate one for me: the possibility to convert to DPG, the Nintendo DS most common format.
    Thank you for your attention, and good cheer for your future developments!

  2. Alvin Tan says:

    It would be great if you could enable direct DVD with subtitling function to PSP format.

    current version would not work.

  3. Istvan says:

    Hi Stanley,

    at the moment I am hunting for Compositing-Software in GNU-Area. It would be very useful if MC would let:

    – 32bit primery and secondary colorcorrection
    (Chrom. & Lum.)
    – Masking with freehand
    – Keying for Masks
    – Layering

    I do know of course that MC is “only” a GUI of other softwares. On the other side it is also true that MC is not a compositing but a transcoder software.

    It was just an idea … 🙂

    You know Videoediting in Blender is a desaster. and the Projekt Jahshaka is dead.

    Thanks a lot for your efforts.

  4. Garret says:

    Yes, Native Linux would be greatly appreciated!

  5. hansatan says:

    Well guys I think we should remember that MediaCoder is freeware tool and we need to keep in mind that at first main features like better usage of 2-4 cores and taking advantage of clip edditing with frame support marking is a priority, I think all the rest will come out with the time…

  6. TheAntZ says:

    This is a great program for all my downconverting to iPod and PSP.

    But the ABSOLUTE DREAM will be reencoding Blu Ray and HD-DVD Rips to MKV or other formats PLEASE!!!!

  7. rajesh.p says:

    sometimes there is a problem of converting flv to mpeg.

  8. Istvan says:


    1. what about integrating VirtualDub-Filters?
    It would be a pretty big step ahead.

    2. Would it be possible to export on to an FTP-Server?

    Nowadays it is alredy possible to choose a FTP-Link as Source – do I know it well? It would be quite logical to have this opportunity also for export.

    Regards, I.