AudioCoder 0.8.21 released (Stanley posted on May 15th, 2013 )

A new release of AudioCoder is just out. In this release, several bugs have been fixed, related with audio CD ripping and cuesheet file parsing. Opus audio codec gets updated to 1.1. QAAC is adopted to replace QTAAC which has not been updated for quite a while. An option tab was also added for QAAC. If you want to encode with QAAC (actually with Apple’s CoreAAC engine), you need to install iTunes or QuickTime. If you don’t want to install them, you may also grab a package of DLLs from here (see README inside).

AudioCoder has no limit on number of batch tasks and supports up to 8 parallel tasks to dramatically increase the speed of converting a bunch of audio files on modern computers with multi-core processor. However, this feature will cause trouble when ripping audio from CD or DVD, as CD-ROM/DVD-ROM will have too much pressure and thus much worse performance with paralell access to different part of the disc. So the default number of parallel tasks have been changed to 1. You can manually increase it if you are convert files on hard disk.

AudioCoder is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. In the 64-bit version, CT-AAC+ encoder is not usable, simply because the x64 version DLL of this encoder was never released. Some users intended to use CT-AAC+ in AudioCoder x64 and got a crash, and this has been fixed. Besides all these changes, the new release is sync with MediaCoder 0.8.21. MPlayer and FFmpeg which are used for audio decoding have been updated to latest revision.

For more details of the changes in this release, please refer to the changelog.

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