Generate thumbnails automatically with MediaCoder (Stanley posted on April 30th, 2008 )

It is very easy to generate multiple thumbnails with MediaCoder automatically. In the Settings dialog, navigate to Video Filters->Thumbnails, you can find necessary options for thumbnail generating, like following:

When thumbnail generating is enabled, a group of images files which are captured at the different positions of the transcoded video file will be created in the output folder.

This feature is implemented in MediaCoder

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  1. Robin Monks says:

    Is there an easy way to JUST make a set of thumbnails without performing any transcoding as well?

    Thanks for a great project!

  2. Peter Mueller says:

    Is it possible to create one thumbnail-sheet like mediaplayer classic does it?

  3. Vit says:

    You did it. Many Thanks.

  4. zlava says:

    картинки не грузяццо!

    I can’t see no pics in this article. The other pics (ex. in header of the page) are OK.