How to convert AVCHD with MediaCoder (Stanley posted on July 3rd, 2008 )

MediaCoder has be added with AVCHD support. AVCHD is the format used by most HD camcorder, like Sony HD camcorder. With following settings, MediaCoder can decode AVCHD correctly and encode to any supported target formats.

As you may already notice, a new tab of Demuxers has been added in this new release. When a demuxer is enabled, it will demux input file into separate audio and video raw streams and then let audio and video source to process them and decode. This is useful for let some decoder (like the newly added JM H.264 decoder) which is not able to demux files to work with most file formats.

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  1. hurry says:

    I am still getting an error 13 for a m2ts file. It says failed to load JM Decoder. I saw the file is mts in your above screenshot. When we transfer the mts file on the camera to the hard drive via Sony software, it makes a m2ts file. m2ts does not seem to work yet.

  2. marcone says:

    the real metodic player encorder

  3. Ed says:

    I cannot get this to work. I am trying to encode .MTS files from my Cannon HF10 into .avi files encoded with Xvid, 9mps at 1280×720@30fps. However using the settings you showed, I can’t get it to work. The only thing I changed was the container because I wanted .avi files. Any suggestions?

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  5. cj says:

    I too am getting errors trying to convert avchd to any other format. Anyone have success with this? MediaCoder reads the file as a AVCHD correctly. I use a canon HG10.


  6. bikaneritiger says:

    I am using Sony XDCAM EX. It record video on SxS memory stick and create video file with extension .mp4, I want to convert it to MPEG2 format with 4:3 aspected ratio. I am using Mediacoder’s latest version for this, but from few day it not seem to working properly. What I can do….any body help me out.

  7. Ashlar says:

    How could I get this to work with AppleTV? H264 or MP4? Many thanks =D

  8. aldorr says:

    I’ve used Media Coder before and always have great luck with it when transcoding all kinds of formats. It’s a wonderful piece of software that a friend in Germany recommended to me and now I recommend it to anyone who asks for something of it’s ilk.
    Recently, I’ve been trying to decode some AVCHD from a Panasonic HD9 camera. I shot it at 1440x1080i 29.97 fps. When I try to convert it, Media Coder keeps crashing about half way in.
    Is there anyway you could post a link to an xml settings file that you know works. That way us non-advanced users can have a starting point?

  9. kumonfrog says:

    This is the only tool that I could convert my canon HF100 AVCHD(1920*1080) to flash(368*208) directly. I’ve tried different settings but there’re always something went wrong until I tried these codecs:
    Audio: [LAME MP3]
    Video: Source[JM Decoder], Encoder[MEncoder]
    Demuxer: enable Demux for Audio/Video Source and Demux Video Stream, Demuxer[Mplayer]
    but I have to download and copy the JM Decoder into the “codecs” folder. Otherwise I’ll get error 13. By the way, This setting is going to take a while for making the flv file.

  10. stanley says:

    Please provide me with several files shot with your canon camcorder.

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  12. sanjay says:

    I tried setting given by Kumonfrog and getting error 9. I have HF10 camera and unable to convert my video file by any means. please help if anyone have found any solution to convert the video file to any other low file size format.

  13. peter says:

    Hi Stanley,
    great programme, thanks for sharing. I have problems with the AVCHD, it converts nicely to any other format, however, the video is put out in slow motion; Audio is fine. I tried with and without demuxer – same result.
    Appreciate your input

    cheers from down under


  14. Andy Mitchell says:

    It worked for me. I’m using version 0.6.2 build 4226 with the add-on file from Dec. 21, 2008. I followed the instructions above except that:

    1) the MEncoder didn’t work for me (Video tab). I chose the FFmpef encoder. Why? It was the next one in the list.

    2) Then, I scrolled to the Picture tab and disabled everything (Resize, Crop, Frame Rate etc).

    3) I also chose a start and stop position on the Time tab. Just mentioning that to be complete.

    The MP4 works. It takes a long time to convert, though!

    If you’re in Expert Mode, my Audio Options tab shows:

    .\codecs\lame.exe –vbr-new -V 2 -b -B -q 2 –noreplaygain –add-id3v2 “$(SourceFile)” “$(DestFile)”

    and my Video Options tab shows:

    # “.\codecs\ffmpeg.exe” -y -i “$(SourceFile)” -f mp4 -vcodec libxvid -ss 33 -t 55 -me_method epzs -me_range 16 -mbd 1 -qns 0 -bf 0 -b $(VideoBitrate*1K) -acodec libmp3lame -ab 128000 -threads 1 -y “$(DestFile)”

    Hope that helps!

  15. DavDi says:

    Did anyone get it to work yet? I’m trying to convert my MTS files (Canon HF100) to a lower quality (xvid, avi) too, but the program crashes everytime I try the different settings mentioned above.

  16. AJ says:

    does anybody know how can I convert video files to the AVCHD format?

  17. mike says:

    Using the latest version,, this crashes on completion. It’s very tedious to restart the program every time…

  18. CarlinJ216 says:

    how do i find and install the jm decoder?

  19. stanley says:

    Have you enabled demuxing (on demux tab).

  20. Chan says:

    Even playing the video in MediaCoder renders a slow video which is not in sync with audio. Windows 7 media player plays it correctly though.

  21. stanley says:

    mplayer can’t handle m2ts files correctly at the moment.