MediaCoder 0.7.5 released with parallelized transcoding support (Stanley posted on July 7th, 2010 )

Finally we can have multiple files processed simultaneously in MediaCoder with the new job-level parallelization support. Those who have a processor with 8 or 16 cores can now unleash the power of their processor. As MediaCoder is not just a simple GUI front-end which only invokes a command line encoder wait sits there waiting for the encoder to complete, instead it distribute frame data and the audio samples from decoders to encoders, the job-level parallelization is not that easy to add from the old design. In order to add this feature, large amount of the code has been rewritten. Finally it works after several weeks’ efforts, though it might still be experimental for a while. The number of the maximum parallelized jobs is limited to 4 at the moment. So feedbacks welcomed!

As there can be several working jobs in the queue at a time, there are some changes in several aspects. The statistics window is now showing data of the last selected job in the queue. To view the statistics of a certain job, just click it in the queue. This is the same to the live display window which shows the current picture of the selected job.

In addition, the new version has some other updates. Please refer to the changelog for more information. The 64-bit build of the new version will be out in a later time.

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