MediaCoder 2011 R2 released with support of VP8 encoding and WebM container. (Stanley posted on April 9th, 2011 )

MediaCoder 2011 R2 is released. In this release, support for VP8 video format and WebM container format is added. The VPX encoder is used for encoding VPX video stream which can be muxed into MKV and newly added WebM container formats.

After doing some experiments of VP8 encoding with MediaCoder, the video quality of VP8 is impressive. In the slowest mode, the output video quality is at the same level of x264 encoded H.264 video. VP8 video can be played directly with Firefox and other HTML 5 browsers. Following is a screenshot of a VP8 video encoded at 1Mbps playing in a simplest HTML 5 web page (click to enlarge). However, due to the VP8 encoder is still based on reference implementation, the encoding speed is much slower comparing to x264 and not mentioning hardware (CUDA or Intel) accelerated H.264 encoders.

Get the new MediaCoder 2011 R2 and start encoding VP8 now!

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