MediaCoder is no longer hosted on from this day on (Stanley posted on December 19th, 2009 )

From this day, you will not be able to find MediaCoder on Through the years, MediaCoder was hosted on as an open-source project and through the years I was the only active maintainer of the project and have been spending time and efforts providing the community with the best free media transcoder. Many people praise for the work that I’ve done and many support me by making a donation. The only thing I’ve never got is a significative help on the development. Meanwhile, I was receiving some requests for explaining or modifying the code from some people who are quite likely working for some enterprises although they usually claimed they just wanted to “study” the code. When I made a decision that I no longer commit my new code to, it seems many people are infuriated. They spread words here and there about some disputable and untruthful facts. Under the pressure, I was opening the part of the source code of MediaCoder on again. But these people are still not satisfied as not getting every line of the source code and keep snitching. I kept contact with the senior manager of and I can see he was kept annoyed by those paranoias. Now the disturbance can come to an end by the removal from I can once again concentrate on the development of MediaCoder without spending time and efforts to please those people.

Here I reaffirm, MediaCoder is and will always be a freeware and I have no plan to turn it into a commercial software in any time.

Also the formal web site of no longer exists. The official web site of MediaCoder is

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  1. Salvo says:

    I appreciate your work. Thank you very much. I hope this useful software will remain free forever.

  2. andy Wei says:


  3. boy.from.ukraine says:

    Please continue with your work! I really don’t know about any other such a multifunctional soft. Especially with CUDA support and easy work with AAC. It would be nice, if ripping a DVD was simplier. And sometimes I have strange problem – when the file is encoded, I cannot find it anywhere, even when I specify some other folder, than the

  4. bb says:

    i really appreciate your program. i use it often.

  5. VeL Lord says:

    Yeah, you are right, that acted like this. It’s Internet, and there’s many stup*d as*holes, that haven’t even a bit logic to understand simple things… I have seen a lot of those people, that “clever anywhere anytime”, but they are just dum*bs at all… If they can’t tell u thank for freeware program, but bullshitting on it… It’s totally stup*d. Any good man will tell u big thank for MediaCoder! We are with you, developer of MediaCoder. 🙂

  6. fwoncn says:

    Thank you all the same, Stanly.

  7. a says:

    Cant you make the sub to be copied over from the original file as it is. With the original font size or whatever. The program is awesome for anything but mkv with sub or any video with external sub. Its just need a copy option it sub settings that will automatically disable any other changes in sub just like you have with video and audio. PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION

  8. LittlBUGer says:

    Hello. I love MediaCoder and would love to help somehow. I have a SimpleCDN account that I use to help others mirror their downloads and provide free fast direct-link access. You’d get plenty of space and essentially unlimited bandwidth in an ever-growing CDN network. Please let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll get your account setup. 🙂

  9. MediaCoderLover says:

    Let this source code-assh**les cry…
    We – the real users – appreciate your work! All the licence-gurus are just too dumb to realize that there is nothing better then working free tools like your MediaCoder.
    Don’t stop work on this fine piece of software, pls!

  10. m-p{3} says:

    As a believer in open-source software, I’m a bit sad to see that software leaving

    However, I’m happy to see the software still being developed. The only annoying thing is that Amazon page popping up when starting MC, but I guess some donations could fix that, right?

  11. bob says:

    I for one would like to see the code.. but the truth is I prob would never get the time to look at it. I haven’t used MC itself in 4 months so know it is just wishful thinking… but it’s always nice to go see how things actually work and try and challenge oneself to understand the arcane language.

    I have lots of gripes about MC (particularly setting that never seem to set – having to use CtrlS every time to try and get a setting to actually stick or why is MC so unstable) and if I’d had the tiem I might even have contributed.. but is lazy enterprise dirtbags are exploiting you – stuff them.

    Oh I have a suggestion – allowing for 2nd passes to occur again – in case of failure.

    One reason I haven’t used MC for so long is the horrors of waiting for something to have coded for like 12 hrs only to fail and having the first past log available but no way to use it as MC wants to run 1st pass AGAIN which is complete waste of time & electricity.

    I even tried to use mediacoder manually typing all the settings into command line (so onnerous) and got it to work – sort of – as file was wrong container and needed other work to be able to use it.

    This leads to the main problem.

    MC being so unstable. I have never ever seen a piece of software so prone to failure. A file can be in progress but use the machine for something else (even just browsing thw internet) and the whole process can be destroyed. MC needs much better threadlock control so it dioesn’t keep prematurely stopping… it drives me nuts.

    In comparison I can run 22 simultaneous running instances of virtual dub all encoding in parallel (not a batch) AND on a single core …. yet still use the PC to do other things no problem. MC can’t even operate one instance without tripping over itself regularly.

  12. Rick says:

    Hi. Never used SourceForge, but have released some of my (small) sources (nothing as grand as MMediaCoder). Nobody helps, and when your sources aren’t updated in sync with the program, you get nasty comments by email. It’s a shame to see the source of such a useful program disappear from sight… but on the other hand I can completely understand why you might think “why bother”.

    Thank you for MediaCoder. I use it, most, to convert YouTube stuff to play on my Zen (which is VERY fussy about what it plays, numerous apps get it wrong but yours doesn’t!). It’s also pretty fine for ripping out the audio track too.

    Thanks again.

  13. paris says:

    hi you can changes the licence to what ever you want and whenever you want ass soon as all the code is youers and i believe your saying that is yours so im with you 1!! lol

  14. GuitaringEgg says:

    Unfortunatly, since you have removed all versions from, there is no version of PMP edition avaalibe to download, and I can’t find a mirror anywhere. Could you please host it somewhere?

  15. Dj says:

    Too bad, there are no servers to download this now. All three of the ones listed on this site don’t work. Was the switch really worth making the software inaccessible? I’m a would-be first time user, and after navigating through tons of pages just to get to those download links, I found that they are all broken. This isn’t very impressive. Anyway, good luck. 🙂

  16. hart henry says:

    Good for you. Developing code is a long and arduous process. If you wish to bring it back home, then that is OK with me.