MediaCoder updated with x264 10-bit encoding added (Stanley posted on November 8th, 2010 )

Recently x264 has added 10-bit depth encoding and MediaCoder is keeping up with this new feature. In latest build 4777, new options of x264 have been added, including the High10 profile and 10-bit encoding. With 10-bit depth, video quality can be better at the same bitrate than encoding with common 8-bit depth. However, not all players/decoders support 10-bit depth. As far as I know, VLC can handle 10-bit depth.

Besides, MediaCoder is able to feed frames to encoders in color space of I422, YUY2 and RGB as well as common I420/YV12.最新版本的MediaCoder增加了10位色深的H.264编码,相比8传统的8位色深编码,10位色深编码可以在相同码率下带来更好的画质,不过目前只有少数几种播放器支持,VLC是其中之一。


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