Next release of MediaCoder will be built with Visual Studio 2012 (Stanley posted on September 28th, 2012 )

For nearly 4 years, MediaCoder has been built with Visual Studio 2008. Now it’s time for a change. Switching to Visual Studio Express 2012 will drop the built application’s compatibility with Windows 2000, which now has already become no big deal. Some slight performance boost is expected with the new compiler, which will benefits most users, while an important benefit for myself  is the more sleek programming environment.

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  1. muggi says:

    u do a great job 😀
    really,i love ur work.
    and –>> its 4 free oO – damnnnn ^^
    pls still continue with ur great work.
    thx from berlin germay ;D

  2. Stanley says:

    Thank you!
    I just visited Berlin last month. I love currywurst! :-p

  3. yorlereiyo says:


  4. Stanley says: