Nominate MediaCoder for SourceForge community choice awards 2008 (Stanley posted on May 31st, 2008 )

The annual Community Choice Awards are waiting for your choice again. If you like MediaCoder, please cast a ballot to nominate it. Last year MediaCoder has entered the final round which was already a recognition.

Steps to do the nomination:

  1. If you already have an account on, you can skip this step, otherwise you’ll need to create an account on first.
  2. After logging in with your account, go to the nomination page.
  3. Choose a category that you think is best fit for MediaCoder.

Update: MediaCoder has become a finalist and the final vote has begun.

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  1. best in the market for value, encoding capability and authors implementing features as requested by its users.

  2. ncx says:

    very good

  3. rick says:

    This application is god-sent. Excellent for real work and experimentation.

  4. TimerM says:

    Good Luck

  5. tls003 says:


  6. your anus says:

    I’ve been using mediacoder for more than 2 years now, it was good then, it’s the best now.

    Keep up the good work !

  7. good stuff says:

    i hefta say this prgm is better than several other commercial ones that either cost a bitch to use or simply doesn’t function, videora cough* piece of shit cough*

  8. 我是谁 says:


  9. 我是谁 says:


  10. B!ink says:

    Just voted. Good luck Stanley.


  11. stanley says:

    Thanks B!ink. A year has just passed. 😉

  12. Aurelian says:

    Well done, it`s a really good work, it has almost everything and it goes even faster than other programs. How can i add divx output ? or where

  13. chentca says:


  14. Slayer says:

    祝愿以后越来越好。have a bright future.

  15. Dinotec73 says:

    This is an amazing peace of software!
    I’ve used it for long time ago.
    It’s very stable and easy to use.
    Congratulations to the producers.

  16. Joyce O'Neill says:

    Hey, I’m just a grandmother and I can use it. It’s great. I voted for you. Congrats!

  17. haohai says:

    very good

  18. Rick says:

    This is the best encoding software I have ever come across. You guy’s rock

  19. TheDuke says:

    OMG I have search high and low on the internet
    and at long last , this software has it all.

    recommended to everyone, it has every think I need, I can uninstall all them useless other programs now,thanks to this amazing peace of software great job you guys 🙂

  20. kik (Russia) says:

    it’s the best

  21. gavinlv says:


  22. Beddhjc says:

    Very very very good one~!

  23. Jedi says:


  24. Jedi says:

    对了,希望iPhone Edition能够有音量增益功能,谢谢开发团队!!!!

  25. feiren says:


  26. pc says:

    very good!!!!!!!!1

  27. PUBO says:

    very good

  28. oasis says:


  29. KIN says:

    SO GOOD!!!

  30. geo says:

    very good! thanks

  31. ningjing says:


  32. 8087 says:

    太好用了 谢谢

  33. Shriny says:


  34. sunnyfch says:


  35. yhb says:


  36. 唐马德 says:


  37. EricZhao says:


  38. ellen estelle says:


  39. 阿木 says:


  40. legate says:


  41. chinasman says:


  42. xbpcl says:


  43. wuyanshan says:


  44. black says:

    Thanks your hard work!

  45. akai says:

    I’m really impressed with this software!