Release notes for MediaCoder 0.8.17 (Stanley posted on November 22nd, 2012 )

In this release, many important encoders and multiplexers got upgraded, including x264, MP4Box, MKV toolnix etc. ¬†Another noticeable update is the new dashboard window. By default it shows up when you minimize the application window when transcoding is proceeding. As I introduced in the previous post, it adds some fun when you like to watch your transcoding proceeding and is fully user customizable. It’s based on a dashboard rendering engine I developed last year, originally designed for running on mobile devices, so it’s very efficient and have very low overhead. That means there is no need to worry about slowing down your transcoding. If you do hate it, simply delete the dashboard folder in the installation folder. If someone is can make their own dashboard and share it, I would be appreciated.

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