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Windows Media encoding performance improved for dual-core processor (Stanley posted on December 9th, 2008 )

Windows Media encoding is proved in the latest build 4224. Previously, when MediaCoder encoding Windows Media with Microsoft Windows Media Format component, audio and video data are encoded and muxed in one thread (despite the possibility that the component may have its multi-threading approach underlying). Now audio and video are encoded in separated threads, and the encoded streams are multiplexed after encoding process. This will eliminate some WMV encoding problem and bring in better encoding performance on dual-core processors as well as better container flexibility. If you experience problems with the new mechansim, please report.

Native Windows Media decoding/encoding added in build 3735 (Stanley posted on May 28th, 2007 )

The native Windows Media Audio/Video decoding/encoding support has been added, with the new Windows Media decoder source and Windows Media encoder backend. This will make MediaCoder possible to transcode any supported audio/video formats to the latest Windows Media Video 9/Windows Media Audio 9.1 and even Windows Media Lossless, which was having many limits before. Though I’m definitely not in any favor of M$’s A/V codec (fully closed), I must admit the fact that the support for it is needed by many users who has a Zune or a Pocket PC.

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