Testing phase added before actual transcoding (Stanley posted on November 6th, 2007 )

As many users complained about, sometimes after a long time of transcoding was done, an error occurred because of a muxer error and this wasted their time. 😀

So in, an automatic testing phase was added before the actual transcoding starts. The testing phase will convert 1 second (can be altered at Settings->Overall->Task->Testing phase duration) of original content to see if the result file can be successfully created. Only on success, the whole file will be processed.

By default, the testing phase will be activated only when external muxer is to be used.

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  1. SirAuron says:

    Cool feature, would never have thought about it:)

  2. zork says:

    Nice… yeah, many a time i’ve had that problem. The transcoder gets to 100% but then it crashes or something while trying to mux it. Hopefully this should fix it. Thanks!

  3. farhan says:

    when i encode the 3gp to avi files there is no sound

  4. saideep says:

    u guys r doing a GREAT job….thanks 4 the updates and bug fixes…