The startup crashing bug in recent build 5195 has been fixed (Stanley posted on October 18th, 2011 )

Finally another new post here. 😉 I’m surprised that the previous post was half a year ago. Time goes so fast! I want to say that I am still actively working on MediaCoder.

Recently I attempted to upgrade libSDL from version 1.2  (which has no release for one year) to version 1.3, the under-development version that looks so fancy on their new website. MediaCoder mainly uses SDL for displaying video and the graphics of Dropbox mode wholy depends on the library. However, this action brings some unexpected behavior into MediaCoder. I have downgraded the libSDL and build 5196 has this issue fixed. The new build has also fixed most anonying bugs in Dropbox mode, though I don’t know whether it’s ever used by some one after I created it months ago. 😉

Refer to the changelog for more info of the update.

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