XviD encoding speed vastly increased on dual-core systems (Stanley posted on June 6th, 2007 )

XviD encoding core is updated with the multi-threading enabled version in MediaCoder This brings increase in XviD encoding speed by 30-40% on dual-core systems.

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  1. SirAuron says:

    how do i use the multithreading enabled xvid encoding? do i have to set some backend?

    cause neither auto select nor mencoder do the job.

  2. stanley says:

    No need to set backend.

  3. Steve says:

    It produces horrible audio tracks when transcoding any movie from a Cannon A70 (from 2001) or Canon a610 (from 2007) camera video file. These have sample rate 11024hz, 1 channel, pcm uncompressed, 88k bps. The transcoded audio drops out for over 50% of the video.