Enhanced 3GPP AAC+ encoder updated and patched (Stanley posted on December 25th, 2007 )

MediaCoder (build 3999) can now encode with the Enhanced 3GPP AAC+ encoder again. The encoder is updated (with the latest 3GPP AAC+ encoder reference code) and patched with some minor optimizations and AAC/ADTS container support by me. The Enhanced 3GPP AAC+ encoder is able to produce low-bitrate (16kbps to 48kbps) AAC+ with Parametric Stereo optionally.

The update contains the encoder. The x64 update contains the 64-bit version of the encoder which has an approximate 30% speedup than the 32-bit version.

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  1. Jose Sanchez says:

    I´m using Media Coder for transcode my personal videos

  2. MindWin says:

    Media Coder is a Very good programm.

  3. MindWin says:

    I am using for converting video and audio collection to portable.