MediaCoder 0.6.1 released (Stanley posted on January 10th, 2008 )

Finally a new version number in the new year. You may easily find out some changes from the screenshot if you have used MediaCoder for some time.

New splash:

Quoting the changelog:

  • [update] MediaCoder build 4026
    • [fix] audio copy not working with MP4Box and MKVMerge issue
    • [fix] Settings dialog blocking issue
    • [fix] FLV to AVI transcoding issue
    • [fix] Nero encoder CBR encoding issue

  • [update] MediaCoder build 4023
    • [update] left/right option tabs layout (more extendiable)
    • [add] several additional option tabs including tabs for x264 and XviD
    • [add] RSS feeds of forum posts
    • [add] file list item order adjustment (items can be move up and down)
    • [fix] 2-pass/3-pass encoding issue in recent builds
    • [fix] TTA decoding bug
    • [fix] many misc fixups
  • [update] x264 r719
  • [update] FFmpeg r11482
  • [update] MPlayer/MEncoder r25659

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4 Responses

  1. Vladimir says:

    Dear Sir,
    Could you, please, explain me
    how I can convert VOB-file into AVI.
    Thank you,

  2. luis francisco says:

    este programa es realmente genial, facil de usar y muy rapido..gracias

  3. Jorge says:

    Pues a mí no hay forma de que conveirta un MKV (Matroska) a anda, se keda en 0% pensando y no arranca ¿?

  4. Chris says:

    Hi could you help me converting mp3 into AAC there dosn’t seem to be an AAC codec theres AAC Lossless, CT AAC+ and 3GPP AAC+ but no AAC

    Thanks Chris