Experimental 4-channel and 5.1-channel support in MediaCoder (Stanley posted on July 20th, 2007 )

Experimental 4-channel and 5.1-channel audio transcoding is added in MediaCoder Please note that multi-channel transcoding only works with audio encoders that supports them. Currently following audio encoders in MediaCoder can support multi-channel.

  • Nero Encoder
  • FAAC
  • Vorbis
  • FLAC
  • Waveform/PCM

To the multi-channel transcoding work as expected, you need to:

  • Make sure that your source file has at least a multi-channel audio track
  • If the source file has more than one audio track, choose an audio ID (on the Audio tab) that represents the audio track containing multi-channe audio (usually the first track is stereo and the second one is 5.1 for DVD)
  • Same on the Audio tab, set “Channel” to “4 Channels” or “5.1 Channels”.
  • Set a supported audio encoder

As it is still quite experimental, there are some other limits. A major limit is multi-audio transcoding still cannot be used when ripping a DVD, but it works with VOB files. So you can use freeware like DVD decrypter to dump the VOB file to your hard disk and then transcode it.

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  1. BlinkN says:

    It’s a start.


  2. SirAuron says:

    Very nice:) Will test this. It’s amazing how fast you react on our wishes!

  3. stanley says:

    Still experimental and might have some unexpected issues.

  4. Luiz Carlos M. de Lacerda says:

    Copiei todo o programapara abrir minhas gravações de vidio do celular no computador,mas está abrindo o vidio perfeitamente porém sem voz o que eu faço? Não entendo inglês para ver se consigo mudar alguma coisa para ver se dá certo.
    aguardo informações, Luiz.

  5. Luiz Carlos M. de Lacerda says:

    o Media Coder abre meu vidio do celular no computador porém não tem voz.o que eu faço

  6. stanley says:

    Sorry please write English here, or Chinese. 😉

  7. Juan says:

    I’m brazilian too, and I’ll try to translate Luiz’s message – with some changes to made more clear.

    “I install the full MediaCoder in my PC to open my mobile phone videos, but just the video works, without sound. I don’t understand english then I don’t know what change to made works fine. Wait informations. Luiz”

    Luiz, from and to how format are you trying to convert? I suppose that the mobile video is 3gp, then try to convert do Xvid for example (and in audio tab just check ‘copy audio’)

    Now in portuguese:
    Luiz, de qual e para qual formato você está tentando converter? Eu imagino que o formato do video do celular seja 3gp, então tente converter para vídeo formato Xvid (format) e Default (Container). Na aba audio, clique para marcar a opção ‘copy audio’

    Good luck,
    Boa sorte

  8. stanley says:

    Try setting audio encoder to LAME MP3.

  9. DANIEL says:

    gostaria de uma ajuda!
    estou tentando transformar um vídeo em avi para gravar em dvd.
    não sei o formato em que devo passar, pois passo para mpeg2 e o nero que irá fazer o dvd,não roda o vídeo, somente o som. pois quero assistir em um aparelho de dvd. obrigado.

  10. Gabriela says:

    Hi! I’m From Uruguay!. I’ve just installed the MediaCore 0.6.0, and it’s seems to be working perfectly, but when I transcode some .avi videos to the .mpeg type, I try to play this videos, but the only thing I see is a black screen and I can listen to the video’s musica.
    Please…some help!

  11. Sergio says:

    To Transcode the avi file into mpeg:
    left window:
    Audio tab:
    – Source: MEncoder
    – Encoder: Lame MP3
    rest remains as default
    Video tab:
    – Format and Container: MPEG1
    – Source and Backend: MEncoder
    Subtitle tab: Subtitle select the file srt in same directory of the avi file

    right window: default of software

    With me this setup’s works

    Reply if possible

  12. Zaim says:

    hi,when u click on audio theres windows media audio i clicked on that set it to 384kb/s 48hz 5.1ch after encoding theres only 2channels?? can this be fixed?

    also i signed up 2 days ago and havent recieved the confirmation email.

  13. BlinkN says:

    Account activated Zaim. Not sure how 5.1 channel works with windows media audio.

  14. Zaim says:

    hi Blinkn i havent recieved the email that my account has been activated. i tryed signing in but it gives me
    You have specified an incorrect or inactive username, or an invalid password.

    i signed up using this username


    email Gangsta_zaim_2006@hotmail.co.uk

  15. BlinkN says:

    You won’t receive an email regarding account activation. It has to be done manually. Anyways, username Zaim7890 has been activated. Try again.

  16. Zaim says:

    hmm, i;v tryed encoding to 5.1 by using nero encoder he-aac and when u play it theres only 2channels??

  17. BlinkN says:

    Did you follow the instruction that was posted above? Make sure channel is set to 5.1 channels.