FLAC encoder updated to 1.2.0 (Stanley posted on August 2nd, 2007 )

FLAC encoder has been updated to 1.2.0 in MediaCoder

Partial changelog of FLAC 1.2.0

  • General:
    • Small encoding speedups for all modes.
  • FLAC format:
    • One of the reserved bits in the FLAC frame header has been assigned for future use; make sure to refer to the porting guide if you parse FLAC streams manually.
  • flac:
    • Added runtime detection of SSE OS support for most operating systems.
    • Added a new undocumented option –ignore-chunk-sizes for ignoring the size of the ‘data’ chunk (WAVE) or ‘SSND’ chunk (AIFF). Can be used to encode files with bogus data sizes (e.g. with WAV files piped from foobar2000 to flac.exe as an external encoder). Use with caution: all subsequent data is treated as audio, so the data/SSND chunk must be the last or the following data/tags will be treated as audio and encoded.

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