Join mode comes to work again. (Stanley posted on April 23rd, 2007 )

You may need to set resolution, frame rate and resample options to make it work. If you are upgrading from previous builds, be sure to download and update the full pack if you need join mode work for audio-only transcoding.

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  1. marco says:

    i know, it’s not the right section to post this, anyway :

    bug report
    take a wav file with more-than-one-consecutive-space in its name
    (example: “three spaces.wav”)
    convert it into mp3 using lame.

    mediacoder gives error.

  2. stanley says:

    Which version are you using?

  3. stanley says:

    Is the join mode works normally. Feedbacks welcomed.

  4. Mike says:

    I dunno if I’m doing something wrong, but it definitely isn’t working for me. I tried to join 2 videos, and the video is joined properly, but the audio for the 2nd half is from the 1st half. So we hear the same thing twice, but the video keeps going.
    I’m using the same settings that I always have, which worked before, so… but if you have suggestions for some settings, feel free to email me (