VFW encoder backend added in MediaCoder build 3675 (Stanley posted on April 25th, 2007 )

Sometimes we need to encode with VFW codecs (mainly closed-source codecs which only comes in the form of VFW codecs). A scratch VFW encoder backend has been added to MediaCoder. To encode with VFW codecs, follow these steps:

  • Set Backend to “VFW Encoder” on video tab (you need to first uncheck the Auto Select option on the right)
  • Click the Backend button, in the Settings dialog, enter the name of codec DLL file.
  • When VFW Encoder set as backend, Video Format option has no effect.
  • You can set the path of compdata file or simply leave it free and this will bring out the configuration dialog of VFW codec.

Please note that encoding with VFW in MediaCoder is just AS-IS and may not work at all with some codecs. So don’t complain. 😉

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  1. BlinkN says:

    Never thought you would add this feature in MediaCoder. This will make alot of people happy. What made you decide to add this?

  2. stanley says:

    A friend asked me to convert some videos to vp7 format, so I added this. Because it’s just for my own needs, it’s not well tested and still quite unfriendly for most users yet. As an example of vp7, besides specifying vp7vfw.dll as codec dll, you need to set fourcc to vp70 to make the result file correct. Maybe this feature should not be mentioned at the moment. 🙂

  3. BlinkN says:

    Well you let the cat out of the bag. Expect complaints.


  4. Passby says:

    Not bad.But I hope AVS input can be fixed first…