Media info sidebar added in (Stanley posted on August 15th, 2007 )


The media info sidebar displays information of the original and transcoded file.

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  1. SirAuron says:

    this is more or less the same as the summary tab, isn’t it? how about deleting the summary tab then, it would make the ui more tidy.

  2. stanley says:

    The summary tab still reflects the settings for target format.

  3. SirAuron says:

    maybe you could make the side bar show those two and abandon the summary tab? the idea with the side bar is very good because i can now look at what kind of file it is and set the settings acordingly (for example vorbis can’t be converted to nero aac).

  4. Bob says:

    Mediacoder drops most of the audio streams from Canon digital camera recorded mjpeg AVI files. Where can I upload some sample files? This happens for both Canon sd460 (6mp) and Canon a70 (3mp). These are 1 channel 11khz samples pcm audio streams.