MediaCoder 0.7.0-rc released (Stanley posted on March 24th, 2009 )

MediaCoder is improving all the time even if the version number keep the same. This time there are some major changes, so let’s increase the number after nearly 10 months. I’ve spent lots of time to prepare the release of 0.7. Let me briefly recall what has been changed.

  • New toolbar with new icons and more buttons. The texts on the floating balloon tooltips can be translated.
  • New layout of Video, Audio and Container tabs, just trying to make things better organized
  • New Sound tab, on that tab, you can adjust channel re-mapping and volume level.
  • Remux option, this is to use existing muxers to process result file once again to performing hint or optimization.
  • Dual-audio track transcoding. This is done on-the-fly. Two audio tracks are encoded simulatenously, which is good for multi-core processors.
  • MP4Creator is included in the distribution
  • XULPlayer is included in the distribution. This is an open-source media player (in future it will be a media center) being actively developed by me and my fellows, which is a full functional desktop media player and can be used to compare transcoded content with the original content side-by-side.
  • The MediaCoder extensions are about to be replaced by Media Transcoding Platform, which is a site with UI for ease transcoding for devices and specific purposes.

Currently version 0.7 is still marked as rc (release candidate). Please give feedbacks and let’s make it better.

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  1. chris says:

    iphone版本的什么时候能出正式版本呢? 现在只能压缩180S的数据

  2. stanley says:


  3. huang says: 版本,我使用h264 + neroaac 编码输出mp4 容器选择mp4box,但是输出的视频在我的手机n78播放有问题. 随后我将另一个版本的mp4box 替换掉你版本中的,问题解决.可能你编译的mp4box有问题,另外我用你自己带的mp4creator合成mp4,有图像没声音.

  4. stanley says:


  5. Karl says:

    Will there be 7z release (without annoying installer) in the future? One of things i lika about MediaCoder is choice not install it and run it just as is from unpacked archive.

  6. uc0083 says:


  7. stanley says:


  8. Balrog says:

    Generic: “Wildcard for adding files” has some problems. Can’t get delimeter ; to work, can’t add/find files with *.VOB

    When delete files above active queue, the queue skips down the list

  9. wailo says:

    i love it but my only critik is why it doesnt could support arabic coding iwhen trying to mux sub with avi files its always gives ?????

  10. wailo says:

    and lets together make thsi awsome free were software betetr than virtual dub

  11. henalatoe says:

    I hope it works