MediaCoder 2011 is almost ready (Stanley posted on January 17th, 2011 )

There is few news on this blog in recent months. But it does not mean that I am not working. After finishing my wedding in December 2010, I have kept working on the next major release of MediaCoder. There are several new exciting features I must mention here before the release.

  • MediaCoder Dropbox (the new user customizable simplistic UI)
  • Stereoscopic 3D video encoding
  • Batch image conversion (supporting major image formats as well as MPO the 3D image format)
  • Decoding video into image sequence
  • Encoding image squence to video with effects
  • Folder watcher feature
  • Features for fully automated transcoding
  • Improved automatic thumbnail generation
  • Image overlay and improved de-logo
  • VP8 encoding support
  • Viewing live video and statistics of transcoding remotely via web browser (when transcoding from webcam, MediaCoder can be a cam server)

The next release to be versioned as MediaCoder 2011 will hopefully be released before the Chinese new year (early Feb). So stay tuned!


这两个月一直在忙于MediaCoder 2011的开发。新版本会包含很多新特性,在这先透露一些:

  • MediaCoder Dropbox (极简新界面,用户可定制)
  • 立体3D视频编码
  • 批量图片转换(支持各种主流图片格式以及3D图片格式MPO)
  • 将视频解码成图片序列
  • 将图片序列编码成视频,可加过度效果
  • 文件夹监视功能
  • 自动化转码功能
  • 改进的自动缩略图生成功能
  • 图片水印和去水印功能
  • VP8编码支持
  • 通过浏览器远程查看转码画面和统计数据

如果进展顺利,MediaCoder 2011会在农历新年前发布,请大家保持关注。

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