MediaCoder 2011 RC1 is released! (Stanley posted on January 26th, 2011 )

After one month’s continuous efforts, I am pleased to announce the release of MediaCoder 2011 RC1. Although this is not yet the final release version of MediaCoder 2011, it has most of the new features and improvements of the new version as well as a new look.

Here are the changes sinc previous version:

  • MediaCoder build 5000
    • Video stacking (horizontal, vertical, 2×2 tile, picture-in-picture, interleaved)
    • Stereoscopic 3D video transcoding (only supporting dual-stream or dual-file input content yet)
    • Multiple video stream file handling (displaying video ID)
    • Batch image conversion (supporting major image formats as input including MPO the 3D image format)
    • New video source of Image Decoder for decoding image or image sequence and converting to video with transition effects
    • New video encoder of Image Sequencer for saving video frames into a sequence of image files
    • Added folder watcher feature (automatically queuing newly present files in watched folders)
    • Input and output file relocation after transcoding
    • Added I444 color space support
    • Improved color space handling
    • Improved thumbnail picture generation function with more options
    • Added multiple de-logo function
    • Improved UI layout and details and added many more useful options
  • x264 r1867
  • Xvid 1.3.0 (with SSE3 build)
  • Oggenc2.87 using libVorbis v1.3.2

Features not yet included in this release and will be available in following releases:

  • VP8 encoding
  • New JM H.264 decoder (for decoding Blu-ray 3D MVC stream)
  • MediaCoder Dropbox
  • Viewing transcoding live video and statistics remotely via web browse


经过一个月不懈的努力,我很高兴在今天发布MediaCoder 2011 RC1。虽然这还不是MediaCoder 2011的最终发布版本,但是已经包含了大多数新版的改进和新功能。


  • MediaCoder build 5000
    • 视频画面叠加(水平叠加,垂直叠加,2×2平铺,画中画,帧交错)
    • 立体3D视频转码(目前仅支持双视频流或者双文件形式的3D内容)
    • 多视频流文件处理
    • 批量图片转换功能(支持解码多数常见图片格式,包括3D图片格式MPO)
    • 增加Image Decoder视频源,用于解码图片和图片序列,并转换成视频文件(可有转场效果)
    • 新增Image Sequencer视频编码器,用于保存视频帧为图片文件序列。
    • 新增监视文件夹功能,自动将被监视的文件夹下新出现的文件加入转码队列。
    • 新增转换后重定向输入和输出文件的功能
    • 新增高质量I444色彩空间支持
    • 改进色彩空间处理
    • 改进自动缩略图生成功能,提供缩略图生成的选项
    • 增加多块遮标功能
    • 改进界面布局和细节,增加多项选项
  • x264 r1867
  • Xvid 1.3.0 (SSE3支持)
  • Oggenc2.87 (libVorbis v1.3.2)


  • VP8编码
  • 新的JM H.264解码器(用于解码蓝光3D MVC视频流)
  • MediaCoder Dropbox
  • 通过浏览器远程监控转码画面和状态



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