MediaCoder H.265/HEVC encoding beta testing (Stanley posted on February 13th, 2014 )

MediaCoder H.265 encoding is open for beta testing. For users who want to involve in the beta testing, please download the update package (both x86 and x64) and apply it on the installation of latest MediaCoder 0.8.28. If you haven’t installed MediaCoder or your MediaCoder is out-dated, please go here to download the latest MediaCoder full installer and install MediaCoder with it before applying the update.

hevcx265 0.7 is used as the H.265/HEVC encoder. Current limitations of H.265 encoding in MediaCoder are:

  • Only MP4 and MKV container work with H.265
  • 2-pass and 3-pass mode are not supported
  • Profile and level can’t be manually specified
  • Limited type of tune options
  • GPU encoding not supported yet
  • MediaCoder’s Segmental Video Encoding not working with H.265
    (Update 2/17: SVE now working with H.265+MP4)

Be aware the encoding of H.265 is extremely CPU hungry. Make sure you have a powerful enough CPU. The good thing is the saving on bitrate is about 50% over H.264 at same visual quality. Another good thing is that you can warm up your CPU and maybe your room by doing H.265 encoding in this cold winter. Please don’t hesiste to leave you feedbacks here.

Following are some sample H.265 video clips encoded by MediaCoder. They can be played by VLC or any media player if your system has a latest codec pack installed.

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