MediaCoder SVE technology now works with H.265 (Stanley posted on February 17th, 2014 )

MediaCoder’s Segmental Video Encoding (SVE) is now working with H.265/HEVC encoding. SVE is a unique techonology in MediaCoder designed to improve the parallelism of those encoders unable to consume 100% CPU power due to the lack of or non-optimal multi-threading implementation. By observation, x265, the H.265/HEVC encoder used in MediaCoder, is not utilizing 100% CPU power on a quad-core i7 processor. That’s when SVE becomes effective in boosting the encoding. Another importance of working SVE with H.265 is that it is the fundamental of future distributive encoding of H.265.

mediacoder_x265_sveTo enable SVE, all need to do is ticking the “Segmental Video Encoding” check box on “Tasking” tab. A dedicated tab will be displayed on the right, showing how the SVE cache is working. Currently only MP4 works with H.265 when SVE is enabled. The performance boost varies on different systems. Generally, more cores more boosts.

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