MediaCoder Mobile Phone Edtion and PSP Edition Released (Stanley posted on August 31st, 2007 )

Two special editions of MediaCoder, Mobile Phone Edtion and PSP Edition were released.

The Mobile Phone Edition converts audio and video to playable files on your mobile phone. The PSP Edition converts video files to PSP SP, PSP AVC and PSP PMP AVC formats which are playable by PSP native video player or PSP homebrew media player (PMP).

The two editions can be downloaded from the Device Section of the site.

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  1. Stechie says:

    brauchh ich nicht

  2. SirAuron says:

    Toll, wolln hier bestimmt alle wissen – und das auch noch auf deutsch.

  3. pihug12 says:

    I don’t see the links in the Device Section. :-s

  4. Tony Kenobi says:

    This looks like a great edition to the Mediacoder software line

  5. stanley says:

    There will be more device editions coming out soon.

  6. StoneCut says:

    Very nice. I like MediaCoder but these device-specific builds are much easier to use. Thanks !

  7. Gary Mathews says:

    Thanks, I’ll try the software and get back with comment

  8. Seymour says:

    My device is a Toshiba G900 that runs windows mobile 6, I tried the mediacoder mobile phone edition but the converted filed could not be read by the device. Any suggestions/ solutions?

  9. stanley says:

    You can download TCPMP (a video player software) for Pocket PC from here:

  10. RomeoRS says:

    Very usefull prog.. I niipet)

  11. djakku says:

    Hello, mediacoder did really greatly improved since its first release. I support this great tool and advertise it to my friends and co-worker for their multimedia conversion needs.
    I however, discovered mediaCoder since jonny released the playstation portable PMP player (homebrew PSP only) and Mediacoder added support for pmp files. the thing is, there is 2 pmp muxers, one for xvid video (conversion much faster) and another for AVC. Why did you remove pmp-XVID compatibility? will it ever come back?
    I have the muxer but how can I make an extension that will use the right muxer for the right codec?
    (please don’t tell my that pmpXVid is outdated, for my thats not an anwser)

    Cheers to the whole mediacoder Team.

  12. stanley says:

    PMP-XVID will probably be added back in PSP edition. But the muxer won’t be shipped with stardard edition.
    BTW: Why do you prefer PMP-XVID?

  13. TeoR says:


    How about “PMP player advance” (support x264+aac)
    can you add this ?

  14. Alex says:

    I second the PMPlayer Advance request.

    It is based on PMP Mod AVC so it plays all the files converted for that format, but the addition of aac support is nice. I recommend anyone who is currently using PMP Mod AVC switch to this, especially if you watch videos with subtitles because it renders subtitles better (still not perfect) and it has slightly less strict encoding requirements (I can’t even count the number of times PMPlayer played a video that PMP Mod could not, because of b-frames or other crap like that).

    Another more minor request is for aspect ratio based resize option. PMP format can handle any multiple of 16 under 480×272. It would be great if there were an option to resize to the largest multiple of 16 that fits the PSP screen.

    This isn’t too important because we can simply do the calculations ourselves and adjust the value in the main window, but automated support doesn’t seem too hard to build in.

  15. Salo says:

    Could You please do one for Sony NW A-806, too. PSP video settings work for NW A-806 but I’d like to have a version that would work with audio, too and also transfere the audio files to my NW.

  16. Kevin says:

    Well I love your program, I’m just waiting for a conversion to .dpg format for Nintendo Dual Screens. It is the format used my moonshell a media playing program for the Nintendo DS. Any plans on creating a codec for this device? That would be wonderful.