Video screenshot feature added in MediaCoder (Stanley posted on August 28th, 2007 )

On the “Clipping & Effects” dialog, a screenshot button is added to save the screen of playing video to a PNG file.

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  1. Raphael Simoes says:

    Muito bom este programa!!
    otimo, mas gostaria de atualizalo
    para melhorar a sua velocidade

  2. André Fernando says:

    Podia ter o idioma Português Brasil

  3. Vâner says:

    Tambem acho uma pena não ter me Português

  4. Chester says:

    Super FREE converter. I like it!

  5. Fenris says:

    ( The Brazilians are trying to tell you that they like the program but would like to see it run a bit faster, and also it would be nice if Portuguese language could be enabled.) ( That is an impressive array of languages, by the way.)
    I use it to solve many problems encountered in downloaded videos, some of which have been ripped from old videotapes or are the products of old obsolete (pre-digital) ‘camcorders’ . I am very impressed with the ability to control brightness, contrast, and sound volume. Keep up the great work!

  6. MARYLOLY says:

    Ainda não sei pois não consigo utilisalo