Some thoughts about MediaCoder 2012 (Stanley posted on February 20th, 2012 )

MediaCoder 2011 R10 build 5226 was released last week. It has several minor fixups and updates of encoders and tools. I don’t know if this will be (or not) the last revision of version 2011 as I am preparing for the major update and release of MediaCoder 2012 which will feature:

  1. XML-layouted images/texts/dynamic data overlay on video (last year I’ve developed a rendering engine for another project and I am going to integrate it into MediaCoder)
  2. more detailed report on complete of tasks
  3. fixing the annoying blocking issue on parallel task processing from the root
  4. better distributed transcoding support
  5. a new splash screen that I change every year

Because right now I am involed in so much other work (e.g. I am absorbed in Arduino and is about to develop a simulator for it) in addition to MediaCoder development which I have enjoyed and continued for more than 5 years, I just want to make sure the new version 2012 will be out before too many days of year 2012 are passed away. 😉 If you like MediaCoder, please stay tuned with me here on Google+ or on the MediaCoder blog. 

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