The geographic distribution of MediaCoder users (Stanley posted on November 2nd, 2008 )

MediaCoder does not collect or submit any user information, even anonymously. The following statistic data is estimated from the percentage of visitors (data provided by 3rd party Google Analytics and Easy Counter) to the MediaCoder Full Pack download page at This indirectly reflects the current geographic distribution of users (assuming that most people don’t just visit the download page for fun).

Distribution by contintent:

Eastern Asia 24.0%
Northern America 18.8%
Western Europe 16.2%
Eastern Europe 12.1%
Southern Europe 10.1%
Northern Europe 6.3%
South America 5.9%
South-Eastern Asia 3.4%
Oceania 2.1%
Central America 1.1%

Distribution by country:

Japan Japan 18.96%
China China 14.43%
United States USA 14.02%
Germany Germany 5.68%
Australia Australia 5.62%
France France 5.01%
Italy Italy 3.44%
United Kingdom UK 3.10%
Brazil Brazil 2.63%
Canada Canada 2.14%
Spain Spain 2.05%
Poland Poland 1.95%
Netherlands Netherlands 1.92%
Russian Federation Russia 1.92%
The rest part of the world 17.11%

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  1. stanley says:

    The Japanese users are obviously the biggest majority. However, MediaCoder’s Japanese language translation is totally out of date. Hoping that volunteer can stand out to update the Japanese translation and send the updated language XML to me.