3 steps to convert YouTube video to any format directly with MediaCoder (Stanley posted on March 6th, 2008 )

Before we start, there are several things you need to make sure.

  1. You have installed/upgrade to MediaCoder or later
  2. You know how to set-up all the parameters of MediaCoder. At least you know how to convert a video file on your HDD to your desired format with MediaCoder. If not, please leave all the settings default (to make sure choose Revert All Settings in File menu).
  3. You have a reasonably fast Internet connection if you want a good conversion speed, because the streaming and conversion/transcoding are done simultaneity (the flv file is not downloaded to your HDD), the bottleneck of the performance is usually the network speed.

Now let’s start.

Step 1: Get the URL of the YouTube web page containing the video you like.

Step 2: Start MediaCoder, click Add button, choose Add URL and enter/paste the URL in the “Add URL” dialog box. You can also do this more easily by dragging a hyper link from your browser into MediaCoder. Remember, make sure that the added URL is linking to the page which the video actually plays in.

Step 3: Make the correct transcoding settings (be sure to specify an output folder) and click the Start button. If there is nothing wrong, the YouTube video will start to be converted.

And that’s all. After the conversion is done, you should be able to find the converted video in the output folder you specify.

Hoping you will enjoy this. You can also convert audio only with video disabled in MediaCoder. This should also work for videos on Google Video, MySpace and tudou.com. Please note that this cool feature is still experimental and it is possibly that you can encounter problems. Please send you feedbacks so I can improve.

31 Responses

  1. zoominla says:

    Cool feature!
    I’ve always been looking for something to retrieve video of website.

  2. fusion01 says:

    Make the war in Iraq more eco-friendly? Try putting down the weapons. A little more friendly to all those involved. I find a title like this just plain bizarre. Let’s reduce carbon emissions and such while killing the cr*p out of each other.

  3. stanley says:

    The youtube video shown in the guide doesn’t reflect my opinion. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Reese says:

    That youtube video is a comedic piece actually. I know because that guy is a fairly famous TV actor.

  5. Irenaeus says:

    Stanley said, ‘The youtube video shown in the guide doesnโ€™t reflect my opinion.’ – Well, 2 points: First, do you not think that it was chosen in a sense of pure humor? ‘Since we need to use something for an example, let’s choose something utterly absurd’… ?
    Second, I hope you didn’t mean that you think that while the U.S. is over there committing mass murder, it ought to be doing as much damage to the ecology/environment as it can (actually it appears that that is indeed one of its aims).
    For my own part, I wish everybody everywhere, no matter what else they are doing, would try to reduce and/or reverse their negative impact on the earth we all have to try to keep living on. Since we ain’t ever going to have another one.
    But here we are, for the last 5 posts now, getting farther and farther off-topic. Let’s get back on topic: I tried putting the YouTube URL in Media Coder and it worked perfectly. Hint: If it gets to 99.1% and stops, that’s because somebody is trying to stop it from being copied. Just go to the ‘time’ tab and enter a time just a few seconds before the end (you’ll have to watch the video on YouTube to get its full length, then just deduct a few seconds from that). That happened to me and that’s how I dealt with it.

  6. stanley says:

    Hi Irenaeus, I must let you know that I am strongly against many actions the U.S. government takes all around the world. I pick up that youtube clip in the tutorial, just because i feel that video is quite clear and the color is vivid.
    Back to your question, the problem has been reported and I have already fixed that in the latest update (build 4070). You can have a try.

  7. DJHasis says:

    When will be released?
    Website says 4068 is the latest.

  8. Travis says:

    Great Article. I just downloaded this program which I found using StumbleUpon add-on. This is a lot better program than FlaskMPEG, and a lot faster. Thanks again.

  9. stanley says:

    Using “Check for update” in Support menu in the program to upgrade to 4075.

  10. helbertPina says:

    Sorry, nothing to do with the soft… But I can’t believe you don’t know “The Onion”… They are famous for the “fake” news. Google it. It’s really funny. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. tcs1979 says:

    I wish MediaCoder can transcode videos from http://www.cnbc.com & video.msnbc.com too!

  12. Bob says:

    Whenever I try this, MediaCoder crashes. =*(

  13. stanley says:

    Have u managed to encode a disk file with MediaCoder?

  14. andreas says:

    this is’nt working for me.

    i’ve got the error message “Failed to load MEncoder. This is possible that the decoder is absent or it doesn’t support the specified file” ????

  15. travelgirl says:

    i find the youtube transcoding does not work. i’ve tried several different youtube URLs, and not a single one appears in the file list… i’ve gone so far as to uninstall and reinstall stuff (like java runtime, firefox, etc), to no avail.

  16. purko says:

    Guys, the strange think is that few days ago I tried and succeeded to convert a clip from YouTube and even with 4068! Today when I tried it again it gives me the same error message no matter that I upgraded it to 4075.

    Is it possible that form YouTube is banning MediaCoder of downloading the content? Just guess…

  17. Chris says:

    works great,sometimes. if this doesnt work(which often it doesnt) just download moyea flv downloader and convert the downloaded videos with media coder.

  18. JuanPsy says:

    hello, how can i toggle the frame preview window???? (it says frame # 1383, in tittle bar.)

  19. andreas says:


    with 4077 its working

  20. Jan Svornik says:

    Are Media Transcoder going to transcode *,ivr video format? I tried this, but it is (at this time) unpossible, MT crashed down without some report

  21. Con says:

    always said no output file?

  22. Josh says:

    Yeah, I am trying to make a MPEG2 encoded AVI from a youtube video (as instructed above, or from a downloaded .flv) and it always errors with ‘no output file’.

  23. lisa says:

    I could not get this to work. The best I could get was the first 2 seconds transcoding (had to change from LAME MP3 audio output to Helix MP3 because for some reason LAME doesn’t work for me) but that was it.

    I assumed it was some kind of network/firewall issue so I right-clicked on the item to get the details, copied the URL (starts with cache.google), pasted into an and downloaded the FLV file from there, then transcoded that FLV file and it did work. Outputed in MP4 container by default.

  24. maoxiung says:

    it’s a pity that we can’t directly change container from FLV to AVI without reencoding ( lossless operation)
    the only way i found is to use flvextract to demux and aviremux to remux


  25. giuliojiang says:

    if there is any problem, you can add the URL; then click with right mouse and select Detail of selected files. Now copy and paste the directory of the youtube video in a browser. You can download it and use with any player of transcode with mediacoder.

  26. jan timmers says:

    well, I’ve tried to do this like 50 times (all different videos), and only 7 of them were converted, it’s a cool function, but doesn’t work the way it should.

  27. helper says:

    if you want youtube videos

    download them with real player
    and then convert them with media coder

    much easier and kinda faster

  28. stanley says:

    The breakage of this feature is fixed in build 4110.

  29. Metin says:


    I get en error when I try to convert any YouTube video in MediaCoder. The error number is 007.
    I have reset the settings (Revert all Settings) but to no avail.

    Is this functionality broken, or do I need to use particular (combination of) settings?? I am using version 0.8.20 (build 5380).