x264 profile option added in MediaCoder build 4065 (Stanley posted on March 5th, 2008 )

The x264 profile option changes to the encoder settings to let the encoded bit stream comforted to specified H.264 profile (baseline, main, high).

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  1. B!ink says:

    Must of been fun implementing that stanley.


  2. stanley says:

    Yes it’s always been more fun for adding new features than fixing problems. 😉

  3. GURVIN says:

    Dear Stanley,
    Firstly, I totally love this program…Its the most complete package ever…The entire last week i spent converting videos to to h264 but in the end NONE of them played on my iphone!! (i dont use the iphone mediacoder because it does not encode below 256 video bitrate and i wanted 64kbps)…The problem I figured was something called baseline and just when I was sulking about the mediacoder forums cursing the world in my mind, i came across the above post LOL Got the latest version of mediacoder, tested out the baseline feature, WORKS LIKE A CHARM…
    Thanks and keep up the awsome work bro…