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How to use MediaCoder to stream out transcoded video (Stanley posted on April 6th, 2008 )

This is a real scenario in which MediaCoder’s built-in media streaming server can be used. The scenario is like this. All my media files are stored on my powerful Intel Core2 desktop PC. Many of them are high-definition video. I have a legacy PC (Celeron 566Mhz/Windows 2000), and a mobile device (XScale 500Mhz/Windows Mobile 5). I want to playback my HD video on these two devices with LAN and WIFI and without taking time to transcode the video into a low-definition file beforehand. I can just use MediaCoder’s new media streaming server feature. Read the rest of this entry >>

Introduction of MediaCoder’s built-in media streaming server (Stanley posted on March 29th, 2008 )

Recently MediaCoder has been equipped with a built-in media server, which is able to stream out media files with real-time transcoding.

What is this feature be used for? There lots of applications for a streaming server, especially one with capability to transcode while streaming. Here I list some typical applications:

  • Watch video and listen to music from another PC or any capable device, through LAN/WLAN/Internet etc.
  • With real-time transcoding, we can even play all kinds of contents on a less-capable networked device, e.g. PDA and mobile phone, regardless of the audio/video format of the original content and without having to convert its format.
  • Preview encoding effects without performing a complete file-to-file transcoding.

Read the rest of this entry >>